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Physics IGCSE/GCSE Higher
KS3 Biology

KS3 and IGCSE/GCSE Science classes (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) morning at 9 am and 10 am classes go through the theory behind IGCSE/GCSE and KS3 sciences, The IGCSE/GCSE Higher classes for Physics and Biology go through real exam-style questions for a given topic (Edexcel, AQA and OCR). IGCSE/GCSE Chemistry goes through theory, mixed with some exam-style questions.

11+ Grammar school maths
Non - verbal Reasoning

NVR, 11+ Math and Algebra worded style lessons are perfect for preparing students for grammar school. The algebra worded style question lessons are also great for KS3 and IGCSE/GCSE Students to become more fluent in changing a worded style question in algebraic form

Algebra Worded Questions
Coding. Text-based adventure game

Course Made by Aysan - Coding and Data Science Instructor. Siamak's brother

Students go through GCSE content for Engineering, without the complex math, and learn the content they may encounter in college and university. The course can prepare them for the other course we do, which is Aerospace and Weapon engineering. This Engineering course focuses on the engineering behind materials, whilst the other Engineering courses we do, focus on the applications of certain materials. After doing the course, parents can request a letter of recommendation to be used in support of university and college applications.

Aerospace and Weapon engineering

The Aerospace course will be the physics behind objects in the air, such as planes, spaceships, missiles. Weapon engineering will go through how the physics of weapons work. For example, what is a hydrogen and atom bomb? How did the physics of Einstein's Equation E=mc² give birth to the atomic bomb?

KS3 Psychology 

Here we acquire knowledge and understanding of psychology, developing an understanding of themselves and others, and how psychological understanding can help to explain everyday social phenomena. Understand how psychological research is conducted, including the role of the scientific method and data analysis.


GCSE AQA statistics course is led by both Siamak, who teaches the live lessons and Aysan who made mini-videos explaining each topic. GCSE statistics covers a lot of what is learned in IGCSE/GCSE Maths, so it is a great course for students looking to study something like economics, math, engineering, coding and such in the future

IGCSE/GCSE maths level 7 to 9
IGCSE/GCSE maths  level 5 to 6 

Maths IGCSE/GCSE HigherThe level 5 to 6 classes is where we do worksheets for a given topic, building confidence, the level 7 to 9 classes is where exam-style questions are attempted for the given topic, focusing on exam boards for Edexcel, OCR, and AQA, and some CGP books. A great variety of questions are provided for one topic to develop confidence for students to tackle that topic in an Exam.

Further Maths GCSE

Further Maths GCSE is a course students can achieve an additional GCSE . Will strengthen understanding of GCSE Maths as a lot of the course content overlaps with GCSE Higher Math. Show colleges and universities that the student has a high-level understanding and desire of math. We would recommend Students who are aiming to achieve a Level 8/9 to do this course.

Functional skills

Functional skills level 2 Maths follows the Edexcel specification. It is a qualification that is equal to grade 4 in GCSE Math. The qualification is valid for some courses which are not heavily Mathematics based.

KS3 foundation

Going through basics, such as ratios, percentages, and algebra classes several times a week, expand brackets. The aim is to build a strong foundation in algebra and other topics.

We have a low level and High level classes

Siamak will use his knowledge in multiple subjects, and alternate between subjects for each lesson, for the KS2 Science lessons. The focus will be on Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Aerospace, Environmental sciences, and Astronomy

KS2 Sciences

Students learn the mysteries of the universe, learning complex ideas, which have been simplified, to spark the curiosity of the world.

Geography KS3/IGCSE

Following the Edexcel IGCSE syllabus, Siamak studied Civil Engineering, which included Geotechnical engineering and Coastal Sciences, making Geography one of his passions. It is recommended to do environmental Management also, which is closesly related to Geography.

Supercar Engineering

History of supercars, to current supercars, and how they work (Engineering/Physics/Chemistry).

Science club

Once a week, students can attend an open mic discussion on any topic they have, develop communication skills and learn new exciting things. Siamak monitors the lesson to ensure things stay on topic. 

Enviromental Menagement KS3/GCSE

Following IGCSE Cambridge. Siamak studied Civil Engineering, which included environmental sciences, the subject overlaps with Geography and Biology. The subject is relatively easy for most students due to the content overlapping with other subjects.

Psychology Higher

This course is the way for our students to prepare for exams. It clearly explains and demonstrates the key content and exam skills required for success. The interactive, structured format of the lesson allows students to demonstrate their learning at each key point. Practising with AQA, Edexcel, OCR exam boards.

KS2 Psychology

Course aims to give children the knowledge, skills, and understanding to lead confident, healthy and independent lives and understand ourselves and others. How to maintain physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Making informed choices about health and wellbeing. 

KS2 Maths

Mathematics course is a subject in which pupils are learning to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas. The programmes of study are organised and ready to teach with fun, and pupils will make rich connections across mathematical concepts to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly complex problems. They will also apply their mathematical knowledge to science and other subjects.

When will you restart the course?

The course will constantly be repeated, students can join anytime. All prior lessons have been recorded and uploaded. The main thing is that a student is able to do worksheets (which we created with video help), prior to the next lesson (we state what topics will be for the following week), A student does not need to understand ratios to do percentages for example, but on the weekend we will tell you what topic we will be doing the following week, so you can prepare with our wroksheets whcih come with video help. Students can take breaks and rejoin the course whenever. The live lessons are designed with this in mind to make it accessible at any time.

Are the lessons free?

Yes! 12 lessons a week are absolutely free (join in at anytime by checking our timetable for these free lessons). We do a total of 90 live lessons a week, where other lessons are priced from £9.95 a month for the family, contract free. We are not funded by the government. We aim to help as many people as possible by providing a lot of our content for free and keeping our paid content remarkably affordable.

Are the packages priced for the entire family?

Yes! all packages are priced for the entire family with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a webcam and mic for the zoom lessons?

No, we disabled all mics and video and have full control to grant access for safety reasons. We have the most secure Zoom webinars package as we take safety seriously. We both have a Full DBS.

Why is our paid packages markedly cheaper than other providers?

We are a family run service with a clear mission to provide education to the masses whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. We do this by being incredibly frugal and minimise any business expenses to continue providing these services at a discounted rate.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Psychology , KS2 Maths, NVR Teacher

Bachelors in Nursery Education.
Qualified Child & Family Psychologist
6 Years Experience in Child Education (including Early years, Primary and Secondary)
2 years Practicing Psychologist

"The way our mind works is incredible. The art of understanding how our own behaviours are reflected in ourselves as well as others is fascinating, moreover, tremendously beneficial to our development. I am eager to teach others about this art as well as expand my own knowledge further as I pursuing a Master's in Psychology. Education Brothers is the perfect platform to teach other powerful young minds that are ready to learn and develop further."


Maths, Science, Astronomy, Environmental management, Geography, Statistics and Engineering Teacher

First-class Hons in Engineering
10 Years of Experience Tutoring
Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space From University Of Arizona

"I’ve long realised that teaching is a personal passion of mine. I take immense satisfaction in helping students reach their full potential and grow as individuals. It is because of this that I started teaching ten lessons for free. My approach to teaching is to make the lessons fun and engaging so that students can enjoy learning in a comfortable, judgement-free environment."


Coding and Data Science Instructor

UCL Statistics graduate
5 Years of experience teaching code
Lead Data Mentor of Marks & Spencer and Dunelm.
Experienced Data Scientist Consultant

"I have a real passion for breaking down seemingly complex and intimidating topics to bite-sized engaging and interesting lessons so people of all ages and backgrounds can understand the techniques we cover." - Aysan

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