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what we bring

We want to provide schools with live lessons for Maths, Science and Astronomy as an additional resource to students in schools with pre recorded coding lessons. These lessons are from 9 am to 7:15pm on weekdays and 9am to 2:45pm on weekends


We are offering schools a one month free trial.

We are charging schools a significantly reduced price for our services for an annual price of 49.95 GBP to cover advertisement costs which is the same price we charge monthly for Gold members. The reason we have decided to do this for such a drastically low price is that our goal is to provide as much support to students across the country.

our goals

We are obsessed with providing value to as many students as possible and positively impacting their academic careers. This mission has translated to parents using our services which has led to us receiving many positive impact stories from parents below.

Impact case studies:


Timetable we follow:


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Example lesson


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