Would you like to work with me?

As some of you know i am passionate about making this into a social enterprise, and getting other subjects for free, also if possible to get all the other content i create (Exam question video solutions) for free if a company funds this.

I am not in a position to offer people a salary, as i depend on another source of income (House rental), to cover my living costs, the revenue i get from this isn't great, but i enjoy teaching.

I have been contacted by other skilled tutors/teachers to hire them, but i am willing to do a percentage share of the revenue i generate from my packages if they are able to teach subjects out of my scope, teaching their subjects for FREE, but sharing the package revenue that i get from the packages.

My condition there will be a joining fee of £500 , which will go to advertising costs. This is to avoid people joining, and leaving after a few weeks because they are not generating the income they want. Leaving a lot of children stranded.

What i do is harder work than being a teacher (Not putting down teachers, they do an amazing job), but less salary than you would be a teacher. It is a supplement income and knowing you are helping thousands of children.

I won't be your boss, you will get a fair percentage, just like me, the idea is everyone to get a fair share depending on the number of classes they cover. There is no hierarchy in earnings if you join now or later.

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