Free Live lessons 

Due to medical appointments, morning lessons are canceled for the time being, afternoon lessons are as normal. Please check this page , they should return mid July.

10 free weekly live lessons for KS2, 11+ , KS3 and GCSE

shown on zoom , missed lessons are left on Youtube

Coding starts 3rd August for Ruby and Gold

will be 8 live lessons a week, classes for beginners, intermediate, and advance levels

We follow the national curriculum for the UK, but also applicable to other countries

Please watch the videos on the homepage to find out how the free live lessons work

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Watch this video if you are doing home education and like to know how the free live lessons work

Watch this video if you are doing the 11plus grammar school and like to know how the free live lessons work

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Two brothers trying to change online education

Aysan (Coding Teacher)

I studied Statistics and Economics at UCL (University College London) and then worked in a management role for a global retail company. After a while, I realised that the role wasn’t for me, but I enjoyed working with data. So I spent a year immersing myself in data science: diving into learning resources, doing my projects, building my python applications.

I then got a job as a data science consultant for FMCG companies, helping them to improve how data could be collected and analysed for commercial insight. After being a senior teacher for seven months I was promoted to a managerial position. Shortly after, I decided to join my brother in this project to helps students across the country, leaving my career to work on this project full-time giving it my full attention.

I have a real passion for learning and developing myself while making a difference to others. I think the best way of understanding a new topic is to teach it to someone, and that’s a process I love. Getting to mentor, teach, and learn from people from such a massive range of industries and walks-of-life has been amazing so far.


Siamak (Math and Science teacher)

First-class Hons in engineering, I have been tutoring for eight years since I graduated, as I love teaching. I started teaching five lessons a week for free in 2019, from there, everything quickly gained popularity.

Why start this project?

Siamak started 5 free live lessons, as he saw people had a great demand for live lessons, and he was confused why people were paying around £50 per month per child for one-hour lessons a week with certain companies. He decided to make something free initially, teaching part-time, after a few months, he quit his job as a private tutor and focused on this project full-time, now he teaches 10 free live lessons a week, and a total of 32 live lessons a week for math, science, astronomy and free motivational lesson. We have gone from 5 free live lessons, to 7, to 9, and now 10, slowly increasing with time


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