We offer classes and resources for KS2, 11+, KS3, GCSE and A-Level.

All lessons are recorded. Join the course anytime and take breaks whenever.

We follow the national curriculum. But our timetable

also applies to other countries.

What students and parents say:

How everything works
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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will you restart the course?

The course will constantly be repeated, students can join anytime. All prior lessons have been recorded and uploaded. The main thing is that a student is able to do worksheets (which we created with video help), prior to the next lesson (we state what topics will be for the following week), A student does not need to understand ratios to do percentages for example. Students can take breaks and rejoin the course whenever. The live lessons are designed with this in mind to make it accessible at any time.

Are the lessons free?

Yes! 10 lessons a week are absolutely free (join in at anytime by checking our timetable for these free lessons). We are not funded by the government. We aim to help as many people as possible by providing a lot of our content for free and keeping our paid content remarkably affordable.

Are the packages priced for the entire family?

Yes! all packages are priced for the entire family with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Is there a webcam and mic for the zoom lessons?

No, we disabled all mics and video and have full control to grant access for safety reasons. We have the most secure Zoom webinars package as we take safety seriously. We both have a Full DBS.

Two brothers trying to change online education

Aysan (Coding and data science Teacher)

UCL Statistics graduate
5 Years of experience teaching code to young children up to senior professionals and CEOs
Experienced Lead Mentor teaching code to Marks and Spencers and Dunelm's workforce.

Experienced Data Scientist Consultant

"I have a real passion for breaking down seemingly complex and intimidating topics to bite-sized engaging and interesting lessons so people of all ages and backgrounds can understand the techniques we cover." - Aysan

Siamak (Maths and science Teacher)

First-class Hons in engineering

8 Years of experience tutoring Maths and Science

"I realised from early that I have a passion for helping and seeing the growth in the students I teach and so I started teaching five lessons a week for free in 2019. My approach to teaching is to make the content fun and engaging so that students learn to love learning in a comfortable, judgement-free environment." - Siamak

Why start this project?

Siamak started teaching 5 free live lessons, as he saw people had a great demand for live lessons and he was confused why people were paying around £50 per month per child for one-hour lessons a week with certain companies. He decided to make something free initially, teaching part-time, after a few months, he quit his job as a private tutor and focused on this project full-time, now he teaches 10 free live lessons a week, and a total of 57 live lessons a week for math, science, astronomy and a free motivational lesson. We have gone from 5 free live lessons to 7, to 9, and now 10, slowly increasing with time

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