12 FREE live lessons each week, all year, Non-stop!
  • All live lessons are recorded and uploaded.
  • Students can type questions to ask teachers anonymously during lessons
  • Mics and webcam are disabled (No ability to switch on, for students safety).
  • Email is sent each weekend stating what topics will be covered to prepare with our worksheets + video help.
Please note, the coding,  and A-Level courses are pre-recorded. To allow students to go at their own pace. 
KS2 to IGCSE/GCSE Maths, Sciences, Psychology, NVR, Engineering, Geography, Functional skills and Astronomy are all live lessons

Science (KS2, KS3 & GCSE)  
Maths (KS3 | 11+ | GCSE)  Astronomy / Engineering / Geography/ Statistics

KS2 Maths & Psychology

(KS2 | KS3 | GCSE)

Non - verbal Reasoning (11+)

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