for week 15/08 to 19/08 the focus of the lessons will be the following.

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This week the focus of the lessons will be the following.


KS2 Maths: September 12th

KS2 Science: September 12th

Non-Verbal Reasoning: Prerecorded


11+ Maths: Sequences

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation Low level: Angles

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation High level:  Angles

GCSE Statistics: Prerecorded

Functional Skills Maths level 2 : Prerecorded

Further Maths (GCSE) : Prerecorded

Coding: Prerecorded


KS3/IGCSE/GCSE Basics Sciences

KS3/GCSE Psychology: September 12th

KS3 + Foundation Physics:  Atoms, Protons, Neutrons, electrons, static electricity

 KS3 + Foundation Biology: Basic of cells, Eukoratoyes, Prokaryotes

 KS3 + Foundation Chemistry: Electrolysis of Aluminium, Hydrocarbons and Polymers

KS3/GCSE Geography: September 12th

Marine Science KS3/GCSE: Coming soon

Engineering: Various topics

Environmental management (KS3/GCSE) : September 12th

Aerospace + Rockets Engineering: September 12th

Supercars + Weapons: September 12th


IGCSE/GCSE Maths 5-6: Indicies

IGCSE/GCSE Maths level 7-9:  Indicies exam questions


IGCSE/GCSE Physics Higher:  Electricity Exam paper questions

IGCSE/GCSE Biology Higher:Food Productions

IGCSE/GCSE Chemistry: Green house gases, carbon cycle


Astronomy: Range of topics


Worksheets with video help can be found in the resource - homework section


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