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15/04 - 19/04

Hello everyone,


This week, the focus of the lessons will be the following.


2 FREE live lessons :  Sociology KS3 + GCSE Tuesday, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Academy Thursday


KS2 Science/Geography - Biology

KS2 Maths Basics Tuesday: Algebra

KS2 Maths Exam questions Thursday: Algebra Exam Questions

 Astronomy:Range of Topics

Non-Verbal Reasoning: Prerecorded

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation Low level: Rounding, Estimating

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation Higher Level : Angles & Angles in Polygon Exam Questions

11+/Grammar School Maths: Bidmas Exam Questions

Animal Biology: New

Health and Fitness : Random

GCSE Statistics: Prerecorded

Functional Skills Maths level 2 : Estimation and Fractions , Join Wednesday lessons at 11am, and the KS2 Math Lessons, a total of 3 math lessons a week

Functional Skills Maths Lv2 Exam Questions: After Easter Break (real exam Questios)

Further Maths (GCSE) : Recorded already, with exam questions split by topics

Coding For Platinum Members or visit

KS3/GCSE Psychology: Piaget’s theory: language

KS3/GCSE History : Crime & Punishment
KS3/GCSE Ancient History: Alexander The Great (book chapter 4.1)

IGCSE Economics: Range of Topics

GCSE/KS3 Business studies: Range of Topics

KS3+Standard IGCSE Physics: Distance Time Graphs, Acceleration Lesson 1 in Standard Physics Missed Lessons

KS3+Standard IGCSE Biology: ATP & Respiration Lesson 1 in standard biology missed lessons

KS3+Standard IGCSE Chemistry: Atoms, Elements, Atomic number , mass Number

KS3/IGCSE Single Science: Biology - Light Intensity and Photosyhnetsis , digestive system 

KS3/IGCSE Combined Science: Biology - Balanced diets, Monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides, Lipids

KS3/GCSE Geography: Range of topics

Marine Science KS3/GCSE: Range of Topics

Engineering/Rockets/Supercars/Aerospace: Aerospace

Environmental management (KS3/GCSE) : Various topics

IGCSE/GCSE Maths 5-6 : Trignometry

IGCSE/GCSE Maths level 7-9: Trignometry (Questions & video help of exam questions on site + Bring revision books)

IGCSE Physics Higher Exam Questions: Radiation (My site has exam questions + video solutions)

IGCSE Biology Higher Exam questions: Movement of substances in and out of lls (My site has exam questions + video solutions, Bring Revision Book)

IGCSE Higher Chemistry Exam questions: ionic Boding (My site has exam questions + video solutions + Bring revision book)

Worksheets with video help can be found in the resource - homework section.


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