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4/12 to 8/12

Hello everyone,


This week the focus of the lessons will be the following.


2  FREE live lessons : Environmental Management, KS3/Foundation/Functional Skills Math Low Level


KS2 Science/Geography - Biology

KS2 Maths Basics Tuesday: Coordinates

KS2 Maths Exam questions Thursday: Coordinates

Non-Verbal Reasoning: Prerecorded

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation Low level: Fractions

KS3 / GCSE/IGCSE Foundation Higher Level : HCF and LCM

Animal Biology: Extinct Animals --  Fast Spotted Hyena

Health and Fitness : Raw Nutrition

GCSE Statistics: Prerecorded

Functional Skills Maths level 2 :  Join Wednesdays Lessons at 11am, and the KS2 Math Lessons, total of 3 math lessons a week

Further Maths (GCSE) : Prerecorded

Coding For Platinum Members

KS3/IGCSE/GCSE Basics Sciences

KS3/GCSE Psychology: Learning Styles

KS3/GCSE History : crime and punishment = Modern Police Force
KS3/GCSE Ancient History: xerxes persian

IGCSE Economics: Range of Topics

GCSE/KS3 Business studies: Range of Topics

KS3+Full/Separate IGCSE Physics: Radiations

KS3+Full/Separate IGCSE Biology: Digestive System

KS3/IGCSE Single Science : January 2024 

KS3/IGCSE Combined Science: January 2024 

KS3/GCSE Geography: Tropical Storms

Marine Science KS3/GCSE: Minerals benefits to organisms

Engineering/Rockets/Supercars/Aerospace: Engineering

Environmental management (KS3/GCSE) : Various topics

IGCSE/GCSE Maths 5-6 : Speed Time Graphs

IGCSE/GCSE Maths level 7-9: Speed Time Graphs (Questions & video help of exam questions on site)

IGCSE Physics Higher: Magnets (My site has exam questions + video solutions)

IGCSE Biology Higher:  Variety of living Organisms (My site has exam questions + video solutions, Bring Revision Book)

IGCSE Higher Chemistry Standard: Recycling and Waste

IGCSE Higher Chemistry Exam questions: Elements Compounds, Mixtures (My site has exam questions + video solutions)

Astronomy:Range of Topics

Worksheets with video help can be found in the resource - homework section.

We appreciate all recommendations to help us continue our free content.

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