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Groups to Join

Recommended groups to stay in touch with like minded parents and students. Share resources and stories.

Need resources for you child ? Whether they go to school full Time and you want to keep them busy while at home after school or in the school holidays OR you homeschool/Flexischool then this is the place for you!

A platform to share study resources and learning tips for 11+, SATs, GCSE & ISEB exams. We are happy to help with any queries, but we can’t do all your children’s homework (not enough time). Remember, the aim here is to help children and students prepare for exams.

A toy shop that specialises in educational toys and STEM resources. There is a section for children who have special educational needs (SEN). All toys are carefully selected by teachers and home educators with many being tested out!

For anyone from the UK, in the UK, residing overseas and from the UK, and with an interest in UK education that knows, or wants to learn our UK education. Discuss present or future learning, help keep each other up to date in legalities of homeschooling requirements etc.

Grammar School info is the FB group which provides information about Grammar Schools entrance exams held in UK. There are many Tutors in the group, who are offering tips and tricks.  
Having almost 10000 members( And growing at 20%) and providing all kinds of information, this is the place where you want to be, if your kids preparing for 11plus exams.

11 plus journey group!
We are a group of parents, tutors, businesses and educational consultants involved in the 11 plus tests. Come and join us on this journey so that we can support each other.

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