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None of the sites are affiliated with us, nor do we profit from recommending any of these resources. We tried to give a balanced view of the resources.

My free worksheets  

Facebook for home education

Legal templates home ed

Tutors and Exams

Educational toys and

My Youtube FREE GCSE/IGCCSE Science, Astronomy, Engineering, Rockets, Human Biology

Home education Wiki, goes in-depth about exam boards for home education

Sciences KS3 and GCSE

Have questions split by topics, however, some questions are not exam-style questions and are considerably easier than those found in exams. They do have questions also split by levels

Has questions split by topics, closely identical to real exam questions. However, some questions are not exam-style questions and are considerably easier than those found in exams.

BBC Bitesize

To learn theory for sciences, there is no better resource i found than bitesize, it goes in-depth on topics. But resources are online, and can be destructive. 


Great workbooks and revision guides. However, the revision guides are not really in-depth, and they are good for a quick revision.

FreeScienceLessons - Youtube Channel

Great short videos on topics, good for a quick stop to refresh your memory, however not very in-depth

STEM (Science)

Has many free teaching resources, some of which i use for my own teaching notes. Some of the notes are too in-depth, not need to be known in such detail, and confusing for students.

11+ and KS2 Maths

Few free papers with answers. Not many, but free never the less!

Has real exam papers, with solutions (few free samples). To unlock 95% of the resources, you need to pay a fee.

Has free KS2 Math exam-style questions split by topics

Has free real papers, most come with worked solutions


CGP and Bond books are very good and good stepping stone to real exam-style questions. Real exam questions are considerably more difficult

KS3 and GCSE Maths


Great workbooks, and exam-style question workbooks. GCSE exam-style question workbooks and workbooks sometimes do questions that are pretty far from what is expected in the real exams. I would suggest using the workbooks and exam-style workbooks, but ensure your revision has plenty of real exam-style questions split by topics.

Questions split by topics, with worked solutions. Sometimes questions are too easy compared to real exam-style questions. As I believe these questions were created based on the old GCSE syllabus, which is considerably easier than the new syllabus, however, it is a great resource

Similar to MathsGenie, it has additional questions, with worked solutions, for free.

Real exam-style questions are split by topics and exam boards. You need to pay for the questions and worked solutions.

Worksheet generator, a lot of variety, comes with answers, some with worked solutions. This is a paid resource, around £35 a year. Not all worksheets have worked solutions, nor do they have explanations.

Free worksheet generator, not much variety, but good for a free resource.

Past papers for KS2, KS3, and GCSE. Perfect for seeing where your child is at

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